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25 Apr 2019

NEW Organic sweet almond oil

We offer organic, high quality, cold pressed sweet almond oil from Spain.

Almond oil is obtained from the mature kernels of the almond tree by cold pressing and subsequent filtration.

Our almond oil has a slightly sweet taste and is one of the highest quality vegetable oils on the market. Almonds are nutritional powerhouses and contains over 90% unsaturated fatty acids. The high α-tocopherol content is an antioxidant and protects the skin and optimizes the absorption behavior.
They’re full of healthy fats, fibers, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. The antioxidant-rich oil is known for its free radical fighting abilities. It’s also anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity.

Almond oil has traditionally been used in confections such as candies, baked goods, and other desserts, in main dishes such as curries, and in remedies to address physical ailments.

Use of almond oil

You can use our almond oil for lactose-free or vegan substitutes milk products and to create gluten-free flour that ensures products are suitable for distinct dietary regulations. Almond oil is e.g. used for raw food, desserts, fruit salads and sweet pastries due to its sweet taste as well as cosmetic applications.

Our product comes in the purest form and it is not over-processed Nor does it contain any added sugar.
At Z-Company, you are guaranteed a risk-free and best quality purchase of licensed food and natural ingredients.

Wholesale of almond products

We offer an organic cold pressed sweet almond oil in high quality in bulk. For prices and more info please contact us here

Are you looking for other almond products?
This product is also available as organic almond protein and flour.
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08 Apr 2019

The Dark Side of Chocolate

The European market consumes half of the world’s chocolate and has the biggest chocolate consumption / capita in the world. Cacao possesses many nutrients that is good for the health, but there is also a dark side related to this product.

Cacao beans contain heavy metals, which are toxic earth chemicals present in the soil of some plantations where the cacao trees grow. Cacao beans from Latin America are particularly affected by higher heavy metals because the plants grow on old volcanic soil. One of these heavy metals is cadmium, which is not well-absorbed by the body. It accumulates over time in the human body and can have detrimental effects on liver, kidney, lungs and bones. *

Z-Company offers a solution to this problem. The cocoa powder from Z-Company is low in cadmium with an average of 0.2-0.3 cadmium mg/kg whereas the EU allows a maximum level of 0.60 mg/kg in finished cocoa powder products.

We offer natural organic cocoa powder- low in cadmium in 25 kg bags, to read more please follow the link here

29 Mar 2019

Natural Organic Cocoa Powder

We offer a premium Natural Organic Cocoa Powder 10-12%, made of beans originating from West Africa, primarily Ghana. In order to make our cocoa powder, the finest cacao beans are selected and carefully processed to keep the nutrients and flavour. The cocoa powder has a LOW CADMIUM content and sweet characteristic taste and odour. As a result, it is one of our best selling ingredients.

The Cacao Tree and the Origins of Cacao

The original name of cacao means “the foods of Gods” which originates from the Americas. It is said to be discovered by the Aztecs in Central America and used both as means for payment and as the ingredient for the sacred drink of the Gods. The introduction and planting of the cacao bean in West Africa goes back to 1868 where the parent trees to the gold coast industry were planted.

Farmer from Ghana with a fresh cacao pod

The cacao bean is known for its overall nutritional properties and health benefits.

Cacao beans are the seeds of the fruit, or ‘pod’, of the cacao tree. The cacao tree grows mainly in the warmest regions on earth, within 20 degrees north and south of the equator and does best as a shade tree due to its sensitivity to sunlight. The cacao tree bears fruits all year round.

The cacao trees produce pods about 15 to 25 cm long and 7-10 cm in diameter. It varies in color from yellow, orange and red. Each pod can contain around 20 to 50 cacao beans and contains about 65% water. After harvesting the pod are opened and the cacao pulp and bean taken out to ferment for several days in the tropical temperature (below 118°F, 47°F). The fermentation process is the key process since it eliminates some of the bitterness and develops its unique character and aroma. The seeds are then spread out and sun-dried below 118° before processing.

The cacao beans are sun-dried below 118° before processing

The use of cacao powder

The cocoa products can be used in various culinary products including: snacks, nutritional shakes, sport nutrition products, smoothie, drinks, baked goods, bars, chocolates or instant products.

Chocolate banana sports nutrition smoothie with chia seed

Our Natural Organic Cocoa is a low-calorie and low-fat food, rich in fiber and serves as a great source of magnesium and iron too. Further this product also contains vitamins, minerals and it is rich in antioxidants.

Our product comes in the purest form and it is not over-processed nor does it contain any added sugar.

Wholesale of cocoa powder

We offer cocoa powder in 25 kg bags in different qualities: natural 10-12%, alkalised 10-12 % and 20-22%. The products are organic and kosher certified.

06 Apr 2017

Z-Company sees the power of hemp

More and more consumers start to discover the power of the “green gold”, commonly known as hemp seed. “Hemp seeds have special characteristics and are extremely healthy. They are an important source of protein and ideal for vegans or consumers that are allergic to soy. Hemp seeds contain ten essential amino acids and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, copper and calcium. It also contains a lot of vitamin E and healthy omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This powerful but difficult speciality food product is Z-Company’s corebusiness,” says general director Mitchell van Dongen.

“Everybody who is looking for hemp products, should contact us. We sell hemp foods such as hemp seeds, hemp seed oil and hemp protein to clients all over the world.”, according to Mitchell. Hemp food is available in different forms such as hemp seed oil, hulled hemp seed, hemp protein, hemp flour and hemp fibres. Processing hemp food is a speciality job, Z-Company focuses on this. The company is one of the few in Europe, and the only one in the Netherlands, that produces this difficult product on a large scale.

The company building in Nuenen is where the hemp seeds and other products, of which 95 per cent are organic, arrive. Mitchell: “Most of our food products are imported from South-America and Asia. For example dried berries, seeds, grains, nuts and freeze dried powders. The hemp seeds are mostly imported from China, and sometimes from Romania, France or Ukraine.” Customers such as wholesalers, retailers, health brands and nut bars can find all superfoods at Z-Company, that has more than sixty health food products in its assortment, and is still expanding.

The process of hemp seed
In the country of origin, the hemp seeds are dried, cleaned and polished. Next the hemp seed are sorted by size, packed and shipped to Nuenen. When they get there, they are cleaned further until they are 99,99 pure, followed up by an extra treatment that kills mould and bacteria. With a custom designed machine, of which there are only a limited amount in the world, the hemp seeds are hulled. After this, they are shipped all over the world in 25 kilo bags or big bags. Sometimes even in containers. This makes Z-Company a specialist in hemp food products and one of the biggest hemp seed processing companies in Europe.

Hemp as animal feed
Hemp is not only extremely suited for human consumption, but also as animal feed. After hulling the hemp seeds and filtering out the protein, the shells of the hemp seeds are left. Throwing away these shells is a waste, since they can be used as feed for animals such as birds, fish and cattle or as bio fermentation.

And hemp seed oil is not only nice in your salad or for baking, but you can even use it as fuel for your car. This is something that Henry ford, the famous car manufacturer, figured out long ago. And hemp seed oil is not only nice in your salad or for baking, but you can even use it as fuel for your car. This is something that Henry ford, the famous car manufacturer, figured out long ago.

From food product to bird feed, from bio fuel to concrete and clothes. Z-Company sees, just as Henry Ford did, the power of hemp. A big part of the hemp products is exported to large-scale consumers, wholesalers and the food industry in America and Europe. “Only in the Benelux our brand is already sold by over five hundred retailers,” says Mitchell van Dongen enthusiastically. “And this will only become more. We are not done growing just yet.”

For more information about all hemp and superfood products from Z-Company: www.z-company.nl