Hemp Seed Production

Hemp seeds are very popular health food ingredients because of the high amount of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (omega 3 and 6).

Hemp products sold by Z-Company are produced in our own facility based in the Netherlands.
The whole production process is at low temperature. Our products are 100% both natural and raw and we supply organic and conventional qualities.

Hulled hemp seeds

Hulled hemp seeds are also known as ‘hemp hearts’, ’shelled hemp seeds’ or ‘hemp nuts’. Hulled hemp seed is simply the white inside of a hemp seed when the brown shell is removed. In between the white nuts of the seeds is a small green flake. This is also present in the end product after de-hulling (this is not the shell). De-hulling the hemp seeds is a mechanical process. The raw-material is cleaned and sized before de-hulling. The cleaned seeds go into a de-hulling machine. There is no heat or water involved. This makes hulled hemp seeds 100% raw, with the nutritional values preserved.

The use of hulled hemp seeds:

The hulled seeds are more appealing way of eating the seeds and easier to consume. There are many ways to eat hulled hemp seeds. Add them to your salad, smoothie, yoghurt, cakes or eat them as a snack. The hulled hemp seeds have a nutty flavour.


We offer organic and non-organic hulled hemp seeds. The raw material is sourced from different countries such as: Canada, France and China.
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