Z-Company is one of the first Dutch food companies, within the food ingredients industry, to establish a permanent base in Denmark.

Why Denmark?

Denmark is the leading organic food entry point to the Scandinavian market, having the highest consumption of organic food per capita in Europe.
The public demand for plant-based food ingredients in Denmark, and in general Scandinavia, has seen an steady growth each year supported by the introduction of novel foods and products which are vegan or vegetarian, especially. The growing Nordic sale of plant-based products is paving the way for new partnerships, cross-sector collaboration and product constellations.

With our office in Copenhagen we can now provide a more personal relation and outreach to our Danish and Scandinavian customers, where we aim to deepen our partnerships for the years to come. With our presence we equally aim to contribute to a more wholesome food culture where plant-based ingredients can inspire and encourage greater well-being through better food products.