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We offer a premium Natural Organic Cacao Powder 10-12%, made of beans originating from West Africa, primarily Ghana. In order to make our cacao powder, the finest cacao beans are selected and carefully processed to keep the nutrients and flavour. The cacao powder has a low cadmium content and sweet characteristic taste and odour. As a result, it is one of our best selling ingredients.

Our Natural Organic Cacao is a low-calorie and low-fat food, contains fiber and serves as a great source of magnesium and iron too. Further this product also contains vitamins, minerals and an excellent source of antioxidants.

You can add cacao powder to snacks, nutritional shakes, sport nutrition products, smoothie, drinks, baked goods, bars or chocolates for consumption. Our product comes in the purest form and it is not over-processed Nor does it contain any added sugar.

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This product is available in several forms: powder, nibs, beans, butter and liquor/paste. We offer cacao powder in different qualities: natural 10-12%, alkalised 10-12 % and 20-22% and raw quality. The products are organic and kosher certified.

PLEASE be aware that products are available according to seasonal harvest. We advice our customers to plan purchasing accordingly.


Ghana, Non-EU


The whole year


Low Cadmium, Magnesium, Potassium


25 kg bag


Organic | Kosher

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