Z-Company offers high-quality organic plant-based proteins. Pumpkin seed protein is new in our range of plant-based protein powders produced in our own facilities and will be in stock late August!

Our 100% organic pumpkin protein powder (EU origin) consist from 65% of protein, 8-10% of oil, and about 11% of dietary fibers. It has a medium green color with an aromatic nutty taste. Pumpkin protein is a non-dairy, vegan friendly, non-legume, nut-free, easy to digest source of protein.

Add raw pumpkin seed protein powder to smoothies, salads, baby food, pet food, sport nutrition products or use a baking ingredient.
Pumpkin protein is obtained from raw organic pumpkin seeds at low temperatures to keep its exceptional features. Pumpkin seeds from the EU harvest are going into an oil press. The press is going into grinder to make fine powder. Pumpkin seed protein contains a lot of minerals (manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron), vitamin E, B.

TIP ! Mix with hemp and sunflower protein to improve the amino acid profile for a greater diversity in your product.

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