The European market consumes half of the world’s chocolate and has the biggest chocolate consumption / capita in the world. Cacao possesses many nutrients that is good for the health, but there is also a dark side related to this product.

Cacao beans contain heavy metals, which are toxic earth chemicals present in the soil of some plantations where the cacao trees grow. Cacao beans from Latin America are particularly affected by higher heavy metals because the plants grow on old volcanic soil. One of these heavy metals is cadmium, which is not well-absorbed by the body. It accumulates over time in the human body and can have detrimental effects on liver, kidney, lungs and bones. *

Z-Company offers a solution to this problem. The cocoa powder from Z-Company is low in cadmium with an average of 0.2-0.3 cadmium mg/kg whereas the EU allows a maximum level of 0.60 mg/kg in finished cocoa powder products.

We offer natural organic cocoa powder- low in cadmium in 25 kg bags, to read more please follow the link here