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Cacao nibs

serves as a wholesale supplier of various FSSC2000 certified organic foods
across Europe. We provide bulk quantities of organic foods from our warehouses
in the Netherlands via Rotterdam Harbor. We always go for the fastest shipping
with competitive pricing in our minds. For us, the provision of healthy and
organic food to people is a sacred job, and we take it as professionally as we
can. We offer a vast array of organic food products, including cacao. We offer
various products of cacao including raw cacao beans, cacao butter, cacao
wafers, raw cacao nibs, raw cacao nibs with Yukonsyrup,
cacao liquor/paste raw, cacao liquor/paste block, cacao liquor/paste wafers,
raw cacao powder, raw cacao powder 10/12,and raw cacao powder 20/22. This
product is available in raw, natural 10-12%, alkalized 10-12%, and 20-22%. They
are all kosher and organic certified apart from the FSSC2000 certification.

provide the healthiest raw cacao nibs originated from Peru with MOQ of 15 kg
bag. We bulk supply it following the seasonal harvest time i.e., January,
February, March, and May. It is having various fundamental properties like low
calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The cacao bean is actually the seed from
cacao fruit and then carefully fermented to maintain the flavor and
nutrients.  The nibs are made purely from
the core of the peeled off cacao seed. Its taste is somewhat similar to
unsweetened chocolate.

cacao beans and nibs are very much Paleo-friendly. Cacao, as food, dates back
to 1000 BC, when Mayan people would make cocoa-based foods, drinks, and sauces
from it.  You can use cacao nibs in
various Paleo recipes like in different raw treats and baked food, add them to
homemade nut bars or granola bars, smoothies, shakes, desserts, eat them as
snacks, pulverize them for cacao powder, mix them into sauces and marinades,
make cacao nib pork chops, utilize them as a meat rub, add them to your salads,
incorporate them into granola or even a trail mix, and much more. It is also
known as ‘natural chocolate chips’ and can be replaced in any recipe as
chocolate chips substitutes.

believes in customer satisfaction and provides 24/7 assistance. Our team deals
with customer satisfaction with the utmost priority. They are readily available
to clear your doubts, queries, ambiguities, let alone anything about our
products. For us, you and your health are precious. We will provide you with
the healthiest FSSC2000 certified organic foods within the shortest possible
shipping time across Europe. Our primary warehouse in the Netherlands serves as
the primary supply origin, and we ship via Rotterdam Harbor to anywhere across

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