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Camu Camu powder

Z-Company dealsin bulk or wholesale supply of FSSC2000 certified organic EU and Non-EU-Origin food products. Considering how healthy food is becoming a scarce commodity in modern times, we are aiming to provide our customers with a wide array of organic food products across Europe. We provide the fastest shipping from our main warehouse in the Netherland via Rotterdam Harbor. We offer various protein powders, fruits powders, and much more while keeping in mind competitive pricing.

One such product that we offer is the Camu Camu powder. It is originated from the Camu Camu berry, which is grown around the banks of the Black Water River region of the Amazon rainforest in Southern America. It has been used for very long by Amazonian Indians. Although, they avoided it as a food for its very sour flavor. The vitamin C content depends upon the humidity levels, soil compositions, and the place where it is grown in the Amazon.

We use Camu Camu obtained from Peru in our Camu Camu Powder. It has very peculiar and healthy benefits, including being a rich source of Vitamin C, various minerals, proteins, vitamins, and potent antioxidant properties. It also contains a lot of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are basically pigments that are water-soluble and might have red, blue, or purple color, which is dependent on its pH levels. These anthocyanins can be used as natural food colorings and have both Organic and Kosher certification. We offer a minimal packaging of 20 kg bag for this Camu Camu Powder across Europe.

Due to its sour taste, you sweeten them for use in jellies and jams. You can also mix it with sugar and milk for a healthy drink, smoothie, yogurt, or even oatmeal. You can also use it as a sprinkle on various baked goods. But cooking it over a higher temperature can, for sure, destroy some of its nutrients. You should consume no more than 1-3 tsps. of the Camu Camu Powder as it will give you a higher amount of vitamin C. We also offer other fruit powders like banana, blueberry, guarana, acerola, acai, lucua, and baobab.

We at Z-Company always prioritize customer satisfaction at our behest. Our competent staff is readily available for you to clear your doubts, ambiguities, answer your queries, and provide you will all the necessary information regarding our product line and our overall working.

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