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The African Tree of Life

The African Tree of Life

baobab tree is no doubt the signature or one of the most prominent tree species
of the sub-Saharan region of Africa. It is deeply rooted in the Africa
communities and is popularly known as the “The Tree of Life.” One of
the most common species of the Baobab tree is the ‘Adansonia digital,’ which is
found in nearly 31 countries in Africa. You can easily recognize them for their
signature swollen stems. They are mostly found in areas where the climate is
hot and dry, like Africa, Australia, and Madagascar.

tree yields large fruits known as ‘monkey bread or called ‘cream of tartar
fruit.’ They also give out a specific dry fruit pulp, which is having numerous
necessary nutrients in it in abundance. You can, in fact, use every part of the
tree ranging from the pulp to the fruit. The fruit pulp is known to be used for
preparing a highly nutritious and rich in vitamin C drink in Africa. The outer
shell of the fruit is sturdy and is used to make various household items like
castanets and calabashes, etc. you can eat the seeds and the leaves too, as
they are highly nutritious. Moreover, you can also cut the bark without harming
the tree and use it for making ropes. 

baobab trees are known to be exceedingly more significant in size and have a
very long age. Their ages range till 1000 years, and the oldest baobab tree was
Grootboom was calculated to be approximately 1250 years old. During the summers
in the southern hemisphere, i.e., October to December, the tree produces white
flowers, which are large and heavy. These flowers are generally known to remain
open in the late hours of the afternoon and remain open for a single night
only. They have a sweet scent when fresh, but as they turn to brown, their
smell becomes carrion.

Usage of Baobab Powder

It has a citrus flavor, which
is why it can be used in various recipes like muffins, cakes, brownies,
cookies, sauces, milkshakes, ice creams, smoothies, porridge, water, desserts,
fruit juices, brownies. Popcorns, pancakes, fruits, cereals, and yogurts. It is
highly antioxidant and enriched with vitamin C.


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