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Dulse Dulseis a type of algae and is red in color. It is highly rich in nutrients likefiber and protein and is usually found in growing in rocks underwater. It isconsumed by various settlements for many years and is known for having healthand medical advantages. It can be eaten both in dry and fresh form. …

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Irish Moss

Why Organic Food FromZ-Company? The modern world is becoming more peculiar and choosy about its diet choices.People are getting more health-conscious than ever before, and that is changinghow people treat their diets. Veganism, vegetarianism, and flexitarian dietsare becoming more and more prominent eating styles across the globe now. Peopleare more inclined towards eating natural, clean, healthy, …

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Chlorella powder organic

Why Organic Food FromZ-Company? Flexitariandiets are becoming the new trend for both vegans and vegetarians these days.They are looking for healthy, clean, nutritious, and organic substitutes forvarious meats and dairy products. This has increased the demand for organicfood across the globe. We at Z-Company aims to provide our customers withFSSC2000 certified organic food products in …

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It’s season for our Wild-harvested Marine Plants

Our wild marine plants are harvested in Canada by using a traditional hand tools and techniques which ensures the holdfast (root) of the marine plant is not compromised or removed. This will allow the plant to flourish and regrow.Z-Company currently offers 3 species of wild-harvested marine plants in a fine powder form : Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum;), …

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