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Irish Moss

Why Organic Food From

The modern world is becoming more peculiar and choosy about its diet choices.
People are getting more health-conscious than ever before, and that is changing
how people treat their diets. Veganism, vegetarianism, and flexitarian diets
are becoming more and more prominent eating styles across the globe now. People
are more inclined towards eating natural, clean, healthy, and organic foods.
Z-Company provides its customers with FSSC2000, Kosher, or Organic or all of these
certified foods across Europe. We operate from the Netherlands and offer the
fastest shipping via Rotterdam Harbor across Europe while keeping in mind
competitive pricings. Our catalog is full of both EU and Non-EU Origin foods.

Irish moss Powder

It is a North Atlantic seaweed which became famous after the potato famine of the
1800s in Ireland. It was used as food during the famine, and that is why it got
its name. This alga is very high in carrageen, and that is why it is also known
as carrageen moss. It is also referred to as “the sea moss from other Caribbean Islands” or even lat. The
ChondrusCrispus is a variety of red algae that is grown around the rocky
regions of the Atlantic coasts of North America and Europe. It is very
cartilaginous and soft when fresh. Our Irish Moss Powder is 100 percent Organic
and is sourced from Canada.

Properties, Dosage, and MOQ

It is very high in carrageen, i.e., which is a naturally occurring substance
capable of forming a gel. It causes satiety because it is not digestible in the
gastrointestinal tract. It has around 92 minerals in it, including
beta-carotene, calcium, copper, fibers, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, sulfur, proteins,
and pectin. It also contains a sulfur-carrying amino acid known as taurine,
which is only found in this seaweed. We provide a 25 kg bag as a minimum order


They are abundantly used in both food and cosmetic industries. They are also used in
various weight loss products. It is also suitable for respiratory and digestive
health. You can use them in multiple recipes like soups, puddings, and
smoothies, for thickening them. You can also use it in making bread, desserts,
and salads.


This product is available as per its harvest time, i.e., from May to November. We
provide the fastest shipping possible via Rotterdam Harbor across Europe. We
also offer chlorella tablets, chlorella powder, spirulina tablets and powder,
dulse tablets, and powder.

Our team is readily available to help and assist you in resolving your queries,
doubts, and ambiguities round the clock. We aim at customer satisfaction as the
top-most priority in our work.

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